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One thing that has made me smile today - I lit candles around the house while I was cleaning. Safe ones, things that couldn’t fall over so I didn’t have to stay in the room and watch them. So it smells nice all around smile

My candle tip for the day? Put a candle in the sink in the bathroom so that then if it DOES fall over, it won’t hurt a thing smile Then your bathroom will smell delightful smile I have some of the Mountain Berry glade candles that match my Plug-in scents and they are a great bathroom candle!


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Is it the candle with the 3 colors? I got one of the morning lily and it smells heavenly. Too bad they don’t have matching plugins for those ;)

Wooooo, I love candles too!!! They smell sooooo yummy!! wink

I love those Glade candles. Actually, I love most candles. smile I have a Glade 3 in 1 Starlit Gardens candle burning next to me now, and I love it. I got a deal on the 3 in 1 candles at Sam’s Club, so I’m stocked for a few days at least. laughing

Moutain Berry is my fave scent! I love the candles. The plugins were a bit too strong for me though. heart

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