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not to wear news

Zap2It talks about What Not to Wear

As even the battered Northeast begins to emerge from the winter doldrums, women across much of America face the daunting prospect of pulling out that warm-weather wardrobe and seeing if it’s fit to wear.

But fear not (or less, at least), because the style gurus of TLC’s Saturday-night series "What Not to Wear" have a few basic tips.

LOL, they should add "with quite a few humiliating notes along the way"!! I didn’t see this last weeks ep, so I should find out when its on again; I’m can’t NOT watch it!!!


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We are SO addicted to that show! This weekend’s girl was really cute, too!

We just had a series of the UK version, and those women were fantastically brutal! It was great! tvlaughing

ps. Love your Tulip flower design, it looks and works just super in Opera7!computerluvya

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