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hypercube brainwashing

So we watched the SciFi movie Hypercube tonight. We believe we were brain washed into watching it... no, not just because they play so many commercials, but in the middle of several other SciFi shows, a frame from the movie kept popping up. All week. laughing

And besides that, I’m STILL trying to make sense of Mal’s ecommerce, and I think I’ve read everything on the site by now, and its still confusing. It sure makes me love free software like MT that have great documentation and forums!! Ahh well, I’m just gonna do the best solution I found smile

ha ha, at least Jon Stewart was hilarious tonight!!


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Eek, I haven’t found anything yet either hon! I have been looking for like 2 hours and nothing. Sheesh, I think we need to get on these people for better documentation! LOL

The best thing about Hypercube was seeing the guy from La Femme Nikita with hair. LOL Otherwise it was a waste of two hours.

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