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a bit worn out and sisters

I’m feeling really down today. My head has been not so happy, and I’m really pretty tired, so I’m definitely not at the good health levels that I’ve been at for the rest of the week. I’m thinking about taking some time to rest before E comes home.

I talked to Megan for about an hour this afternoon, getting caught up on how her classes are going, and how stuff here has been going. That was nice. Lisa stopped by to drop off more money for the car. Woo! I still need to follow up on the insurance situation with my dad, because I don’t think she’s gonna follow through on her own.

So I feel like I’ve accomplished almost nothing today. Blah. Anybody wanna help finish up this client stuff for me? I’m strugging with Mal’s E-commerce stuff and how to set up the purchase links so they work correctly. My brain is too tired of looking at the forums trying to figure it out, but there’s always tomorrow!


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What ya trying to do hon (with mals-e)?? I use that and have for quite some time, maybe I can help?? Hugs to you, hope you feel better after some rest!

sorry up there. what a bummer. hope that things get sorted and you get to spend some qt with e tonight. hopefully the insurance thing will get sorted soon, no good to have that hanging over your head.

makes me wish i knew all that crazy coding stuff you are so knowledgable about.....it’s greek to me. confused can’t really help in that area so i’ll send you a hug instead. heart

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