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introducing Soap Babble

tv Since I’ve been watching soaps (again) more regularly and have a few friends who actually don’t mind me talking about them wink I’ve started to post about them a bit more often. And with the option of reading my news straight from my newsreader, I started looking around for daytime tv-related feeds. I couldn’t find barely anything. Even the sites that I’m finding about soaps aren’t as good as they used to be when I was first starting out on the internet. That’s kinda silly, there’s news feeds for so many things, how could a whole section of entertainment be ignored?

Anyhow, I’m getting sidetracked here.

So what do I do when I feel something is missing on the web? Make my own! LOL! I set up a basic blog that can be used by anybody with trackback to ping their posts directly to the blog. And I set up a side section where I can quickly blog the news. So this gives 2 feeds... computer one which is excerpts of any posts from anyone who wants to ping the blog. And the other which is soap news that I find on my regular surfing.

So do you blog about daytime TV? You are welcome to create a soap category in your blog and set it up to automatically ping the site ping URL, or do it on a post-by-post basis.

soap babble
Soap Babble

If you have any questions, ideas or anything else, I’m totally open to make changes so it is useful for more people than just me ;)

(The idea of this is from one of the original thoughts for how Trackback would be used; as a data repository. Doesn’t MT rock?!!!)


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You might have inspired me to watch my soaps more frequently and to write about them. It’s hard to keep track of them when I’m gone so often during the day, but I still do my best to keep up with the storylines on DOOL, YR, and PC. I have a broad feel for the main storylines on most of the soaps, but it’s been a long time since I watched any of them daily.

I am the opposite; I wonder how you are able to watch so much idiot box. I could quite easily live without a TV.

That was kind of a judgemental comment, Patty. confused

Heeee, how FUN! If I could ping, I would totally participate.

And really, the pink is calling to me. It wants me to make a pink lollypop desktop wallpaper. Right. Now. Which is Bad, not only because I lurve my sparkly dancing boys pic, but also because, um, exam. Tomorrow.

::forces self away from PSP::

ha ha!

MT does indeed rock. It’s the bestest. ;)

gem ’s are a girls bestfriends ;)

Somewhere... over the rainbow

mwah kiss

LOL You ROCK girlie! star Thank you soooo much for creating this, I’m sure I will love it as I get back on here and away from my TV! LOL I’ve been laying on the couch for so long, I forgot how to sit on this chair!

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