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german and blizzards

We made it out of the house - I was thinking that Subway sounded really good, and then I remembered that our Subway had closed. So when E came home, we talked about it and decided to see what was on the menu at the new German place that had just opened. We got to try out real german food (a limited non-meat version, of course) We had fondue, potato pancakes and salad.

And then, we had DQ’s Blizzards because they were on sale. yum, chocolate covered cherries cherries

It was a nice evening out.

Hey, and I walked further today! Yay me!


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Fondue-bee-doo-bee-dooooooo... ;) I could make Fondue for you! So, was is good? smile

OMG, we *love* DQ. Their Blizzards rock. Of course, I usually get a Breeze because it’s fat-free frozen yogurt (or low-fat, or something ~ not sure). Their chocolate-covered cherries one is amazing ... I also like the Reese’s Cup. hehe smile Jeff (my husband) likes to mix strawberry and Butterfinger in his Blizzards. YUCK! hehe smile Anyway, we have a few DQs around us ... mostly in food courts at malls ... I am definitely planning on going there when summer starts and getting something to treat myself! smile

Now I’m craving a Blizzard. I love those things. I guess I know where Matt is taking me this weekend. smile

My favorite Blizzard is either chocolate chip or Oreos... or both! wink Yummy.

That is my favorite flavor blizzard. Yum! cherries

That is so funny! We too went and had DQ Blizzards. M&M for the hubby and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for me. M&M is actually my favorite but I was craving Cookie Dough that day! laughing

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