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TS celebrity

I’m looking forward to this!
Lights, Camera, 'Trading Spaces'

Beverly Mitchell and Jessica Biel, who play sisters Lucy and Mary Camden, respectively, work with designer Hilda Santo-Tomas on the Hollywood apartment shared by brothers and co-stars Geoff and George Stults (who play the Kinkirk brothers on the show), who are paired with designer Edward Walker to revamp the garage/gameroom at Mitchell’s home in the coastal neighborhood of Westchester.

I’m not sure why they are doing it on a Sunday night instead of the usual Saturday night, though. That means it will be on at the same time as the movie I wanna see. But I’m sure both will be on more than once, so when I get the TV guide next week, I’ll plan from there ;)


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I meant to tell ya about it! laughing Did you know there’s a Trading Spaces DVD? I just saw the commercial this weekend. lollypop

Yeah, that should be a good episode. I have the Trading Spaces DVD and the behind-the-scenes book that just came out. The DVD isn’t that great but was still a fun reminder of some of the shows. The bloopers bit wasn’t long enough. The book is great for what it is, which is a scrapbook about the designers, Paige, Amy Wynn, and Ty. Some people expected more design tips, based on some of the reviews I saw for it. I like knowing more about makes the people tick, so it was a quick fun read for me with lots of nice pictures.

that’s 3 hours of TV I need to watch now. tv (the 1st hour being Charmed at 8pm.) I’ve already seen the Natalie Maines eppy twice now. I heart Sarah (can’t say that about Andy.) Can’t wait to see what Jessica Biel and the Schultz brothers are like IRL. wink

I am SO excited about this, because 7th heaven is my guilty pleasure. It’s the worst show on television, and I can’t miss a week of it. I’m also excited about the Andy Dick episode, because he’s so delightfully quirky. No, really. kiss

Okay, holy crap, I’m sorry. My connection timed out, and when it came back, there were 430832092 posts there. sad

I have a major conflict with them showing it on a Sunday night - my favorite show comes on Sundays at 9pm! sad

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