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monday mission

PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 3.14

Fun analysis questions... so I had to answer.

  1. Would you rather impress or influence others? Why? Which do you tend to do more than the other?
    I have a feeling that if you asked my friends, I’m more of an influencer than impresser. But it is nice to make people feel impressed by the things I do.
  2. Are you able to admit your weaknesses to others? How do you handle your weaknesses (Can you accept them and see them as a strength? Do you strive to overcome them? etc.)
    I’m usually more readily able to admit my weaknesses than my strengths. Its hard to be prideful of my strengths, although I tend to be better about that then I was. Some weaknesses, I just accept as part of who I am. Others, I try to overcome.
  3. How do you react when you are bossed around, treated as inferior or taken advantage of?
    I get defensive. My ISTJ-ness makes me judgemental, and so being bossed around on something that I *know* I what I’m doing is very annoying to me. I a bit a bit bossy myself, and that tends to make not like to be bossed!
  4. Do you live your life to meet your own needs, or do you live to meet the needs of others? Why?
    A combination. I tend to be a bit selfish, at time, understanding that some self-time is importantf. I’m not as much of a people pleaser as an F (feeler) would be. But I do like to make people happy, and give people what they are needing/wanting from me.
  5. This is your Mission on Mondays, but what is your mission in life?
    Happiness, health, success (to a lesser extent), with love and family and friends around me.
  6. Can you focus on your goals and achieve them, or are you sidetracked by minor distractions along the way?
    I tend to be a bit sidetracked, but I enjoy finishing a goal. Completing a project gives me a sense of accomplishment that makes me feel good about myself.
  7. When was the last time you cried? What were you feeling at that moment (anger, sadness, etc.)?
    I almost cried this morning from pain when I got up from sitting on a stool in the kitchen - I keep pulling something in my knee or something. I think that the last time I really cried was when E and I were talking about my health sometime in the last few weeks. Its so frustrating sometimes, and I can’t do a thing about it, and sometimes, the tears just come.


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"I what Im doing is very annoying to me. I a bit a bit bossy myself, and that tends to make not like to be bossed!"

I’m bossy too. I used to get teased mercilessly because my birthday happens to fall on Bosses Day. tounge out


Hang in there chickie. You’re doin' a great job.

I heart you! ;)

What an interesting character that copy and paste created. Sorry 'bout that. smile

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