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E came home and I had dinner ready. Some days, I don’t know what to cook, but looking through the fridge, I found that I had the ingredients for Green Chili Rice. And I’ve been craving Poop drop cookies lately, so I made a batch of those.

happy stuff, with a happy sweet boy because I cooked for him. :giggle:


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Just stopping by with some heart star flower love!

I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while that I love those poop drop cookies. They were a hit with our niece as well partly because she got to help stir and plop them on the cookie sheet. She thought the name was hilarious too, and she kept asking people if they wanted some of her poop and then laughing like a hyena at herself. laughing

Why people insist upon calling food by gross names is just beyond me... lol

I cannot imagine telling anyone: "I brought Poopy Cookies to the potluck, how about you?"


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