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washington girl

Robyn asked where people were visiting from, so I had to make my little license plate to post smile


Yep, I’m a Washington girl, after living here for more than half of my life now. Okay, more than that. We moved from Michigan when I was 10. Some people think that I’m an Oregon girl, since I say I live near Portland. Which I do, but I live across the river on the Washington side smile E’s mom actually bought him an Oregon shirt because she thought he should have a shirt from OR since he had a girlfriend living there. LOL, he had to explain that I didn’t really live in OR, and we still tease him about his shirt that must mean there’s another girl in OR! ;)

rainbow And that’s the story! cherries


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Hmm, I totally thought you were in Oregon, too! Well, now you’re moving over to my "local reads" blogroll smile

Tee hee, well then I’m glad I posted this!!! laughing

Too cute! smile

I just flew through Vancouver again. I leave in Seattle (sorta)—and have been down to Portland often to see family (my sweetie’s) there.

Cute license plate! ;)

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