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weekend thoughts

its been a nice weekend. It doesn’t seem like it should be 7:26 already, but silly daytime savings would do that to ya!!

We made it out of the house yesterday, for Red Robin (where E said he had the best Blue Ribbon (meatless patty, no tomato) burger he’s ever had there smileWe went and browsed the video store for a while and found some movies to watch - a whole bunch of new ones! And some ice cream. Tillamook makes SUCH terrific ice cream: Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Peanut Butter. It was a great day with E.

And today has been nice and restful. Some playing, some reading, a bit of cleaning.

We finally decided to move the good TV upstairs. we’ve had my TV/VCR from college up here since we moved in, and a nicer bigger tv downstairs. We’d go downstairs to watch movies and stuff, but we haven’t used it nearly as much since going up and down the stairs is a bit harder, and plus, its cold down there. Mainly, it was down there because it was nicer and that’s what people see when they come in. How often do we have visitors though? So why not enjoy it where we spend most of our time? I still feel silly that the little TV is on the bigger tv stand downstairs... but it does make more sense, and its really is nice to see things all nice and big up here smile

Popcorn makes me happy. Its a perfect sunday evening snack smile


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As you are sampling Tillimook ice cream, be sure to try the "Brown Cow".

I love Red Robin. There’s a couple near my parents house and one about 30 minutes or so from me, but they’re not everywhere in PA.

Sounds like a lovely time.

Tillamook makes ice cream? Oooh - yet another reason to love the Pacific Northwest. laughing

That reminds me of that ep with Buffy and Angel... and the ice cream.

::fans herself:: ;)

I thought Tillamook made cheese? They make ice cream too? How very odd.

I ate at Red Robin for the first time about two weeks ago. I love how they provide meatless patties. I had fish and chips though, and it was great. We’re definitely going back. laughing

Tillamook makes GREAT ice cream, Donna smile And the factory isn’t far from us—it was one of the stops on our honeymoon (that’s E in front of the sign!)

M, I’m glad you liked Red Robin—its definately one of our favorites! And if you like meatless burgers (they have gardenburgers and boca burgers both at ours), you can sub them in any of the burgers... which makes it excellent for E to have all the choices he wants smile

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