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happy things

I know, its not quite yet monday morning (for participation positive), but I had some happy thoughts today, and had to share smile

  • I wore stripey socks today, and it made my feet very happy.
  • I got my favorite favorite food at Red Robin, with a wonderful cherry pepsi, which they do so wonderfully with grenadine and cherries
  • E stopped and got milk, so we can have cereal in the morning
  • My coding for my new design is going so nicely, and I’m playing with PHP to make it SO much simpler in the future.
  • Sundays with E are so nice.
  • I got quite far in Kingdom Hearts, and finally found "Gale" which is the last item I need to synthesize the cool items at the moogle shop. :giggle: I’m still SO tempted to write up a walk through (in my spare time ;) )
  • I got to see last weeks Charmed AND todays, and even though I felt bad for Cole, they were excellent episodes.
  • While watching Charmed, I threw my hair up on top of my head and stuck a few bobby pins in it, and I look like an 18th century girl with some curls that fell out smile (noticed this when I went to the bathroom and caught a glimpse in the mirror!)

Back to my coding for a little while before bed - my sleep schedule has been getting later because I’ve been sleeping in more!!!


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Oh, I loooooove my stripey socks! They always make me smile!

I need to schmooze you again for help with that directory issue on PY - Kymberlie just submitted a photo that overwrote a different one! Eek! ;) I should be home tomorrow - e-me if you have a chance!

Don’t feel too badly for Cole. I think he’s gone just about as bad as a baddie can go.

You should’ve taken pics of the hair!! ;)

I LOVE Grenadine. Good stuff. Num num num.

stripey socks are awesome . i just thought i would respond to this since its late and i am bored, i have school tomorrow. umm..... YAY! well i hope you life is honky dorey for now good night to you

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