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The First Evil

Oh my, if you are a Buffy fan, you must check out The First’s Journal!!! What I read so far made me giggle so much, and after Stargate, I’ll definately read more!

Thanks to Lisa and Stacy for the link!


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Oh my goodness - that is awesome! Thank you so much for posting the link! I’m definitely going to share it with the Buffy message board I participate in.

(But hey, why doesn’t the "Remember me?" cookie work anymore? I keep having to type in my information.)

I guess you didn’t get my IM from a few days ago. I sent you that LJ, and then Willow and Kennedy’s. A few other characters have them, too, but those are the most amusing, I think. LOL

does anyone know vamps n demons are real?

does anyone know vamps n demons are real?

what did evry1 think of the last buffy episode (eva)? i thougth it was dead sad when spike died! i love spike!

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