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junk mail

I woke up to a HUGE pile of spam this morning - there was at least 20-30 emails in my inbox, and only 3 were legitimate ones for me to read. Ya know, I sit here getting all excited as I see the percentage of the mailbox being checked on outlook. And then I get into it, and its all crap. Stupid spam.

And this is something new - the last few days I’ve noticed they are trying to sell me Cigarettes online - is that something that they couldn’t sell online before and now they can all of a sudden? Hmmmmmm...
(this to contemplate as I go back to bed wink )


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You should see if your host can install a program called SpamAssassin (http://www.spamassassin.org). It’s free, and it uses a set of rules to decide whether or not your email is spam, and then puts *****SPAM***** in the subject line. Then you can use that to filter it straight to your trash can. That’s what I do (I host with Verve) and I haven’t had to read a piece of spam in months.

I have a spam filter set up, and every once in a while it catches something I *do* wish to read, so I’m afraid of using it. About the cigarettes, there’s been a lot of press and lawsuits about it lately, and it looks like they’re moving towards laws that prevent you from buying out-of-state cigarettes on the 'net... which is why these folks are trying to sell every last bit before the laws pass. Something about not having to pay your state’s tax on them (which in Washington is quite hefty).

I filter the marked spam into a folder that I look at before I delete. That way I don’t have the clutter in my inbox, but I don’t miss something that got tagged as spam.

Thanks for the tip about SpamAssassin - I did already have it on my server, and turned it on... so I’m filtering it all into my junk folder like Lisa because I double check already to the message sent to a few accounts that are old to make sure they are all spam. And thanks, Katie - it just seemed so odd that all of a sudden I was getting ads for that!!!!

For a second there, I thought you were talking about the lunch meat. LOL!

I used to get those cigarette things, too, when I was on AOHell. More important than the tax thing, I would think this should be illegal, because it makes it too easy for underage kids to buy smokes. A lot of kids have their own credit cards (paid for by mom & dad), or it is easy enough to just filch one from parents' wallets.

Personally, I think smoking is gross and disgusting, and it offends me that these people are sending out this garbage...knowing full well that much it it will go to kids.

On a brighter note...have a very happy Thanksgiving! smile

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