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7th season

'Buffy' to Slay No More?

Whedon says he will proceed in terms of the storyline as if this were the show’s final season. "It’s going to be a big finish in May, so that if it is the last season, that’s great. And if it’s not, if 'Buffy' continues—or some incarnation of 'Buffy' continues—it will serve that as well," he said.

:sob: When I rewatched the first episode of the season last night, it made me more anxious to see what is going to happen this season with the big bad evil. And every season has been this way for me, getting all anxious to find out. So I hate to think this is my last year to be all excited, even though I knew it was a possiblity before the year started. Still, I hate to see it in print!!


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Aw! I don’t want it to end yet either, but I could see how they think it might be time.

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