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new design stuff...

I’ve been brainstorming for a new default skin for this site, after the mellowcreme season is over. It will definitely be lighter so that its more friendly to people with sucky monitors like rina-doll smile

When I was laying in bed awake in the middle of the night, I thought that maybe I should ask you guys what you like the most out of my sidebars, because I’m gonna scale back a bit. Most of the reason why I have that stuff there is because I like all the info, but really, most of it is on my portal page anyhow (which is my IE start page!)

So what is cool? What do you like checking? Obviously my best:reads list will stay. Probably the latest updates list will stay because that’s a great way to keep track of everything on the site (with all my many blogs!) Do you look at the recent comments? Any other things that I don’t have that you’d like to see?

looking forward to seeing what you say!! smile


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Love your redesign! I did one too, although I am not the web-diva that you are! Mine is just a train wreck. But very scary. In more ways than one.

Okay, I love it all. Does that work for you? ;)

Actually, I like to check Recent Comments. I like the Powering Links and Design Specs, because it gives me links and ideas for my blog. (Fonts and Photoshop brushes rock.) Lastly, I like the calendar. Although I don’t use it frequently, because I try to stay up to date with your entries, that hover thing is just way too cool. smile

Love it all! smile I really like the calendar, very cool!

The first things I usually look at when I visit blogs are calendars, rings, and any quick little bio notes they have. (I especially love YOUR calendar.) I prefer looking at category links as opposed to months or title. Occasionally I glance at the recent comments. I usually don’t look at links, updated entry titles, site specs etc... Sometimes if I’m curious about a design or website info I don’t mind clicking to get to a page for that specific info. I’ll also occasionally browse people’s links if I’m looking for new sites so I don’t mind clicking to a links page.

I really just read your newest entries...

I personall think it all works very well together. I’m hoping everything stays, but if not, at least keep the latest updates smile

woo! I love it. smile

I love your latest updates, recent comments, powering, and pings—all stuff I’d love to copy but just never get around to it!

i like the few links to other people that you have, i occasionally follow those, and i like the little list at the bottom of the page of the recent but not totally recent posts. most of the other stuff, i don’t look at smile

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