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Oh, another game that will be out around Christmas time.... SimCity 4 - I really had a lot of fun with SimCity3000, so SimCity4 looks like fun too!!! smile


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I have Sim City 1 on my Palm Pilot. It is super cool. I gave up playing The Sims but I still and will allways love Sim City 2k

Simcity 4 looks so much more advanced than 3000 was. You know it incorporates The Sims so you can actually interact with individual members of your city?

Qué impaciente estoy por que salga el Simcity4 aunque sea en inglés... he seguido sus pasos desde el "amiga 500", o sea del principio, cuando solo era una plasta en la pantalla... ya desde esa época me encantaba... QUE SALGA YA ... Y EN ESPAÑOL.

I’m not bringing any money in?? I have a population of 500+ people and can’t bring any money in??/

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