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I started to just reply in sarah-maddy ’s comments, but got so long that I thought I’d put it here smile

Maddy said:

In the rare instances I’ve forgotten my watch, I’ve had terrible things happen, relatively speaking. I can’t imagine having that sense of dread and panic as part of my everyday existance.

I used to be so anal about having a watch with me. I couldn’t function without it. But when planning my wedding, I got so stressed, and my watch battery started to die. So I took it off, and it was one less thing that I had to stress about. When I needed to know, I asked someone. I haven’t put it back on since then. Isn’t that weird?

But now when I look back, I can see that my wedding planning time was so stressful to me that I’m pretty sure it helped contribute to my current health situation. So maybe if I had taken off my watch sooner, I wouldn’t be so sick now. ;)


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It’s funny, I can quite happily waste time, but I need to know exactly how much time I am wasting! I think part of my problem is that I don’t particularly enjoy asking people for help, even for something as little with the time. I have oh so many issues! ;)

Weddings are just too stressful, for so many reasons! Our bodies react in peculiar ways sometimes, so you never can tell, sweetie! smile Now you get to concentrate on the stressful business of being married! ;)

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