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cafeteria dreams

Why must my dreams be so vivid sometimes?

I have so many dreams that play on my fears. I just got woken up by my dream because it was just too depressing to stay sitting there and keep dreaming it.

It was another "I’m in college" dream, and as par for the course lately, I wasn’t passing my classes, and I only had 2 more quarters. I was thinking about just dropping out because I couldn’t do it.

Of course, I’ve frequently had dreams that involve me being so tired and so weak that I can barely walk, even before I really had those problems in real life. I was hobbling through stuff, and then I was in the cafe. I had to go through every single tray and look for exactly what I wanted to eat. But I was so worried because my cafe card wasn’t gonna work, and I was sure if I had enough money. And apparently, I had only eaten 6 meals in the cafe all quarter, all with cash because nobody had given me a new card. So I was worried about that, and there wasn’t much to eat, even though it was a tuesday, and that meant pasta bar. I ended up getting stuff for a sandwich.

And plus, I was worried because it was taking me so long to find food, and dad was sitting waiting for me, and ate all his food by the time I got out there.

But I really don’t want to remember all these details. Its just all worrysome, and I wake up really not sure if some of it happened or if its all a dream. :sigh: Some nights, stuff to help me sleep would be welcomed.
Now that I’ve typed it all out, and confirmed to myself No, its NOT real, I think I’ll try to go back to sleep.


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Don’t bad dreams just knock out out and zap most hope for the day? Then again, good dreams make the day all more enjoyable.

I had a dream last night about a really bad plane trip that I was so happy to be awake.

Hopefully you’ll wake up and had had nice dream. smile

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