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tv stuff

I told myself that when I started being at home more, I wasn’t gonna watch soaps. I did so good for this whole last year on my Mental Health Days by not doing it. But its so enticing. Especially when I feel icky like I did today, and all I can do is sit on the couch or lay in bed. I know that soon, I’ll be home every day. Do I really want to get this started where I *need* to watch??

Yeah, so I’m watching again - the last few days at least. I’m a bad bad girl. I started watching to see Edmund and Maria on AMC. Now I wanna see what’s gonna happen to AJ on GH, and Brenda’s coming back which could really be fun to see Jax and Bren again on GH as well. I’m sure that I could get easily sucked back into ATWT too.

But, I’ve watched these shows for so many years that its not like I sit here and keep my eyes fixed on the tv. Oh, no, I know the voices still so well that I sit here and face my computer while they are on, and only turn around periodically to see. So in some ways, its not SO bad. But I really thought I should have the willpower.... smile


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I gave up trying to give up soaps. It never works for me (she types as Y&R is in the background.) I’ve been watching soaps for so long that it’s just part of who I am and what I do. I read the daily updates at TV Guide and if I’m home I switch back and forth between them when one gets stupid. smile

I say... go ahead! Watch what you want!

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