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I slept in this morning, and didn’t wake up until after 8. And then I went back and laid down for an hour and a half. Ahhh, I feel so much better. smile

I tried to watch the All My Children I taped yesterday, but then showed an hour of news, with helicopters showing the police digging up the property of the guy accused of killing the Oregon City girls. If you’ve read my blog in the past, you’ve heard my rants about how I feel about preempting soaps because they don’t feel they are as important as the news. Shesh, I wanted to see what happened at Brooke and Edmunds wedding!!!

Now its time to get some things caught up on from my home-work smile Yay! I feel so happy, and I can breathe. Ahhhh....


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well, brooke & edmund are married which makes me so incredibly happy. however, maddie ran off right after the ceremony and saw "maria" (grrr) in the crypt (because i can’t spell the m word, heh.) she ran back to the chapel to tell edmund that she had seen "mommy" and when edmund was telling her she was wrong and all, brooke told him to stop and she told him that maria was alive. bah!

I personally HATE it when they do that! I love *Guiding Light*, yet our local CBS affiliate shows it at 10 AM the day after...so we are a day behind everyone else.

Then they do dumb stuph like pre-empt it for Cardinal Law testifying in court about the pervo priests in Boston...something which has already been covered to death in the news. WHY could this not have waited till the noon news...or the five o'clock news? Not like it was a big emergency or anything.


Awww, Brooke and Edmund got married? Cool! It has been a LONG time since I’ve watched "All My Children" ... I used to watch it with my mom all the time. I like it!

This Maria storyline has taken me over! Thank goodness for Soapnet! My cable company has the west feed of the show airing at the moment and I love being able to go to school AND watch my baseball team AND still be able to see what’s going on in Pine Valley.

Am I alone in prefering Edmund with Maria over Brooke?

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