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Wrap-Up #17

I saw this yesterday at Mariann’s place, and didn’t get a chance to do it then. So I’m gonna do it now because the questions were great.!

The Weekly Wrap-Up: Weekly Wrap-Up #17 - Computer Tools

  1. What kind of computer do you use? What operating system? If you’ve made a conscious choice to use a particular OS, what prompted the decision? And are you rabidly loyal to a particular OS—if so, why? I have a home-made system that E built out of the best parts he could get for our money. Its a Athlon 1800 I think, with a combination of 110GB between the two drives. Its got a CD-RW and an external ZIP drive. The case is silver smile I’ve always used Windows. I suppose DOS came first for a while at school, but for the most part, I’m a Windows girl - 3.11 to the current XP. I don’t know if I’ll always stick w/Windows, but I will until I find something I like more. I like the customability that I can have with Windows, and I enjoy a GUI interface. And I like that all of my favorite software runs on Windows.
  2. What software do you use the most often? What do you use it/them for? What software do you covet? Why? Outlook is the first thing I load when I get into my computer, and then Internet Explorer. After that, its Photoshop 7. And then I have a whole set of browsers, and a whole set of Music utilities and a whole set of HTML/uploading tools. Since I live on the computer, I love learning new software and enjoying old software. As for coveting... I think that it would be cool to have a better vector editing program like Illustrator. I think this could help me with higher end stuff that would work well for print as well as web. And then, while I’m dreaming, I’d love Macromedia Fontographer. Making fonts has been a dream for a long time for me.
  3. What freeware or shareware products do you use? What products have you purchased after using for a short period of time? Have you ever sold someone else on a particular freeware or shareware product? What happened? I use a lot of them. E and I search out great Freeware and shareware software programs. It seems like a lot of programs when I first was starting out were considered shareware - I think that the first actual software I purchased was Jasc’s Paint Shop Pro, but I had a trial for a long time - that was when version 2 didn’t expire! I was really convinced after only a teeny bit of time that I *needed* Top Style. Such a terrific program. Um, and then when I was first designing, I bougth Blade Pro because I knew it would help me. There’s more, but those were some of the first... I do believe that I’ve shared the joy of some of my fav shareware programs to many people. I preach the gospel of TopStyle and LeechFTP and EditPadLite quite frequently!
  4. Have you ever used pirated software? Describe the circumstance in which you obtained and decided to use the pirated software? Would you do it again? Why or why not? Yes. I’ve done it on a few occasions. I have actually upgraded one pirated software program because I loved it so much, but never had the *real* original. I feel bad when I do use it, but sometimes, its the only way that I’d get to use that software. I really do try to buy everything I use the most.
  5. What icons do you have on your desktop? In your system tray? On your taskbar? Or, if you’re using OSX, on your dock? Why do you have these particular icons and programs where they are? I wonder if Mariann snatched this question idea from my TrayBar post?!! My answers are there!


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I did indeed get the idea of asking about icons, especially in the system tray, because of your TrayBar entry... in fact, I’m using that little program at work now! smile

Tee hee smile The question looked suspiciously familiar ;) It was a fun quizlet - Thanks for posting it, I hope to do it regularly!!

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