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split seasons?

What is it with Sci Fi? They gave Stargate SG-1 and Farscape odd seasons. They played the first 11 episodes and now we have to wait until JANUARY to see the last 11 eps. How weird and sad!

At least we get some reruns of Stargate coming up:

Starting Sept. 30, missions codenamed SEASONS ONE through FIVE will be available for review every Monday from 6-11PM ET/PT on SCI FI. As well, two SEASON SIX episodes will be available for review every Friday from 9-11PM ET/PT, starting Sept. 6.
That helps a teeny bit.


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There are two possibilities—first, the shooting schedule for Farscape is often influenced by movie studios who take over the Farscape sets and redecorate them. This means they get bumped and have to pause filming. This, I believe, happened during the third season; I’d have to check Cinefantastique to be sure as I wasn’t watching them.

More importantly, though, SciFi seems to show Farscape during sweeps, preferring to have blocks of new episodes instead of 2-3 new ones, followed by 4-6 repeats. I guess the fan base supports this practice, desiring that chunk o'new material rather than a traditional season like most network television shows.

I like watching Farscape, but I missed half of second season and all of third so there are times when I feel out of touch with what’s happening. I’ve never watched SG-1, though I really enjoy USA’s The Dead Zone.

What I don’t get is why they called the episode they just showed of Farscape the "season finale". It would be fine if they just called it another episode, but they didn’t. I liked the longer seasons that Farscape has had in the past. Why couldn’t that continue?

And what’s up with the lack of plot development this season? It seems like they didn’t really develop any of the overarching plot lines at all this season, except after the first couple of eps. :-/

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