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I’m hungry.
I found a donut on the table of the break room!

I also found some tootsie roll pops - there’s a raspberry one in here, and I know that SOMEBODY really likes them... is it Robyn ?? I can’t remember who! So I’ll eat it and try to remember ;)


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it wasn’t me—but man, I do love them!

When I got married, I passed out tiny bags of strawberry tootsie rolls... I had others wrap these packages because I knew I’d eat more than I wrapped!

It wasn’t me either, but raspberry is my favorite kind of tootsie pop!

mmmmm...I love raspberry flavored things. did you ever have Raspberry Kool-Aid? They don’t make it anymore, and it was my favorite. sad instead they make stupid stuff like, Banana-Berry-Punch. Okay, I made that one up, or at least I think I did, but you get the point.

I eat Rasberry but don’t think it was me.....its sad when you go and buy a bag and check before you buy it too see how many Rasberry are in the bag...

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