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downloads today

Like I mentioned before, I was searching for some music this morning. Here’s a selection of some of the artists that I found songs from:

  • BBMak - rina-doll suggested Ghost of You and Me
  • Edwin McCain - I’ll be was a favorite of mine a few years back, and I was reminded of this so I snatched a few more of his songs.
  • Third Eye Blind - I heard Jumper on the radio the other day, and so I wanted to hear that again.
  • Train - I loved Meet Virginia and Drops of Jupiter, so I found Blind and Free and Getaway to try them out too.
  • I saw Indigo Girls mentioned somewhere, so I’m trying out Power of Two and Love will Come to You.
  • I snatched a few more Staind and Creed (I own not their latest album, but the one before) songs to go with my Linkin' Park and Vertical Horizon.
  • I own 2 Goo Goo Dolls CDs, but didn’t have any MP3s, so I grabbed a few of my favorites.
  • Amazon suggested if I liked some artist (don’t remember where I was in my search) that Lisa Loeb might be another one I liked, so I got a few to remind myself if I liked her or not. Same with Lucy Kaplansky. Never heard of her, but thought I’d check her out since Amazon recommended her. I definitely like the Lilith girls, and I think both fit in that category.
  • My queue caught a few Sarah songs I didn’t have, as well as a Tara MacLean one and some of the Dawson’s Creek Sountrack I was looking for last time I loaded up Kazaa Lite.

If anybody wants more specifics on what I found, do let me know and I’ll post more smile


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