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participation positive 081902

To start off my monday (evening) right, I need to do participation positive. I don’t know what I’d do w/o Jess reminding me to be positive. Its such a great part of starting off my week, and I look forward to it so much. Thank you, Jess...

  • Another satisified client with a completed project.
  • Appreciate people on the MT forums gives me a chance to smile greatly.
  • E makes me feel so loved
  • Little English Muffin things for dinner with bacos and green onions. They are gonna be SO good, I know it!
  • checkerboard wafers. yum. (some are pink ;) )
  • I love and I am loved
  • My sister Megan called me "just because" yesterday.
  • I took pictures today after moving myself to the queue on 1000 things because I was being such a slacker... now I’ve got some pics!... I’ll post them later!
  • I made a new section for my journal yesterday and it made me happy.
  • I got to talk with rina-doll online this afternoon, and even though I know she’s dealing with sadness.
  • I got a sweet card from my zalary-love, and that made me smile.
  • Its time to eat and cuddle and watch 7th Heaven after that. Yay for relaxing!


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Pink cookies! Yum! smile Thinking of them made me smile.

Ah, but did you notice the extra "s" in the link to you, Christine? ;)

And are those pink wafer cookies supposed to have a flavor? It seems to me the flavor is just "pink."

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