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gangs of NY

Wow, Leo looks so old in this picture - Entertainment Weekly’s EW.com | Diaz and DiCaprio on Scorsese’s ''Gangs of New York''. I suppose that this might be since the last thing I saw him in was the E! True Hollywood story about Growing Pains :giggle:

I didn’t know much about the movie so I found this summary:

We’ll say. Set in the gritty New York of 1846 to 1863, ''Gangs'' follows an Irish immigrant (DiCaprio) who enlists the help of a pickpocket (Cameron Diaz) to avenge the murder of his father (Liam Neeson) at the hands of the Tammany Hall political enforcer Bill ''the Butcher'' Cutting (Daniel Day-Lewis). Instead of a bittersweet love story la ''Titanic,'' the ''Gangs'' Cannes preview includes enough explosions, blood, and nudity to suggest that a teen-friendly PG-13 rating will be out of the question
Hmmm, not necessarily my kind of movie, but maybe...


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OMG! he almost looks like a man! I remember seeing pictures of him a few months back in a blue towewling short jumpsuit holding a fondue set, and I have a feeling it’s from the same movie. Spend the money on the ticket and have a laugh at his pale white boyish legs. I’m gonna smile

That definitely sounds like my type of movie!

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