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I am blessed

In reflection to some thoughts about prayer...

I feel so blessed by the fact that God will listen and hold me, whenever my spirit asks for help. I know that inside my heart, I carry the key to happiness, and all I have to do accept Him in. Even though I’m not a regular church-goer, I have the faith and believe that someday, I will find a church that will nurture me and I will be able to give my talents to them as well. My relationship with Him isn’t very active right now, and when I think about that, I want to pray and ask to give me more strenth and draw me closer, so that my prayers will be more frequent, and I’ll lean on Him more instead of counting on my own self.
But nonetheless, He loves me, and is only a prayer away.
That gives me faith that no matter where my life goes, it will always anchor me around him.


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Have you read any of the Jan Karon books? I’ve found reading her books to be a surprisingly spiritual experience. Especially since they are hilarious works of pure fiction. I started reading them when I was going through some bad health problems and stuck in bed myself. They pleasantly distracted and relaxed my mind while at the same time excercising my faith muscles. Which, like most of my muscles, are pretty out of shape these days. smile

It’s nice having that personal relationship with God, isn’t it? smile

That was beautiful Kristine.

That is just what I needed to hear. Very beautiful!

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