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I’ve started to come to accept that I will keep having these vivid dreams as long as I’m taking these drugs. Its the lesser evil of the other things that happen when I am not taking them, but they sure are disturbing sometimes

I keep having dreams at my Grandma’s house. She died the year I graduated from high school, and they sold her house, so I’m not sure why I keep coming back to dreams there. In this one, my uncle was hiding kidnapped children in a little secret passage way, which I discovered and let them out. He also had a giant fish tank, with two dogs in with the fish. That was odd.

Then there was this dream about a crisis where a bomb was gonna hit a train center (it was like a big subway station above ground, with tons of different tube like tracks). Even though the demands were met before the time period allowed, the bomb still hit, and went sideways into one of the tubes where a train was. We (me and my family - mom and the kids and my other grandma) decided we needed to get out of town, and so we packed up. I was in charge of putting everything in our van, but I got one load in and then sat down. I read the back of my book cover and then said "mom, I think we forgot Megan’s tigger mug and maybe something else" and they told me we’d been driving for an hour already and how could I not have said anything sooner. To me, it was like an instant; one of those "time flew away moments."

And then after I finally woke up and put that dream out of my head, I dreamt about finding dinosaur tracks again. I know that I can’t tell anyone, and so I keep hiding them. Again, another dream that comes back regularly. There’s someone after me in the dream. I have to walk through bushes and a river, but its really pretty; lots of greenery. And sand that I walk in around the footprint marks. When they question why there are footprints around it, the marks match up to my sandles!

These were all last night, and they are all still so clear in my head. When I looked at the clock and it said 4:30 after the last dream woke me up, I finally decided that I’d had enough for now, and got up. I’ll go back to bed soon, but first, I’ve been answering some questions on the MT forums and playing some spider solitaire and surfing my blogs.


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Kristine - about the dreams of your grandmothers house, they’re pretty normal. The same thing happened to me - my paternal grandmother died when I was 15, her house was sold. For years afterwards on and off I would have dreams about her house and they were really vivid. I’m not sure what it means but maybe it means she’s watching over you or you’re remembering your good memories or something like that smile

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