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audio blogroll

Robyn blogged about Chris’s first audio blogroll smile It was great fun to listen to - I love hearing my friends get mentioned! And I like Chris’s thoughts anyhow - since I’ve been watching Call for Help as frequently as I can, I feel in the loop ;)

Anyhow, I picked up a new link that I wanted to share: blogging ecosystem - its another site that ranks bloggers by the # of links people have to them, and the # of outgoing links they have. I made one side of the list, but since the majority of my links are on a popup now, I didn’t make the other side!

And while I’m talking about link lists, I just have to put in one more plug for Jason at blogrolling.com because its just such a cool system! Its fun to see the list of who’s linking to me smile


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Wasn’t that cool? I really want to leave one with my voice now!

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