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I am not sure how many hours I was actually awake before I finally decided to get out of bed. It seems like most of the night, but hopefully, its all an illusion...

I’m craving watermelon. Isn’t that an odd sensation to have in the middle of the night? Its been months since I had any, and I’m not that big of a watermelon fan anyhow. But my mouth still tastes like garlic (dad made super-garlic caeser salad last night and it has amazing staying power in mouths). Maybe watermelon is the anti-garlic. That’s a deep thought.


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I could *live* on watermelon. I think I tried it one summer, too. got about two weeks before my body went, "yo, chick, feed me some meat." of course, being a vegetarian, I didn’t...

but watermelon’s YUMMY.

i don’t know if watermelon is the anti-garlic, but there is definitely something cleansing about eating it. It’s the best thing ever for getting that salty-seawater taste out of your mouth after swimming or snorkelling in the ocean!

I’ve never liked watermelon for some reason, but I don’t seem to like any kind of melon. Maybe you were dehydrated. Watermelon is about the best food I can think of to eat if you’re dehydrated since it’s almost ALL water and water taken in from food is better than drinking water.

Funny you should mention watermelon ... there was a "watermelon festival" in my city today. Mmmm, it was absolutely wonderful! smile

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