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long nap

I took a 3 1/2 hour nap smile It was so nice. It was definitely good because I woke up feeling really sore and my headache hadn’t gone away. So yay for long naps.

In between and after that, I added a new member to theredkitchen and a guest recipe. And then a new member for Blogplates. So both of those projects are updated for the moment. That makes me happy smile I do so love my projects. It really is a joy to be helpful to the web community by keeping these sites going to the best of my skills. smile

Now we are watching Stargate and Farscape. I love Saturdays for that. Two brand new episodes!

My dad called while I was sleeping and said we are gonna have a birthday party for Leonard tonight. His birthday is Monday. smile I don’t have a present yet, but I’m not sure what I was gonna get him yet anyhow. Hmmm.... So yeah, after watching our shows, we’ll get ready and go to dinner over there smile

I do believe I will do some surfing while watching... rina-doll ’s site is down, and it appears that all of Aletia (her hosting company - I haven’t had a chance to move her elsewhere yet). I’m SO glad to be somewhere reliable!


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I can’t wait to watch TV again...I miss my Buffy! And of course Angel! And all the other spacey/sci fi proggies I used to watch!

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