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day recap

So today wasn’t so great....

I didn’t sleep well last night, as I already mentioned, and so I’ve had a headache for much of the day. But I got up and got ready for work and even got all cute looking with my halter top that requires a bra that sucks to wear. I put up my hair all cutely.

Dad picked me up and we talked a bit about work stuff because I’d called him this morning to let him know that I thought he should talk to Annette about what they thought her role should be in the business once I’m gone. Since he’s leaving for another week, I knew this would be the only chance to do that. Do you think he did? Nope. He wanted to think about it. Dude, I told him enough in advance, so he would be thinking about it. Durh.

So anyhow, I got to work, worked hard, we talked about different projects and solutions to scheduling issues. Lisa was doing corrections, and so I was trying to be cautious about not entering too many things at the same time.

But, 15 invoices and all the related entries were just too much. It crashed. Poof. And since we don’t have a lot of space, we only backup to the same file for the day instead of multiple files. And unfortantely, I didn’t back up when I was done last night, which brought me all the way back to yesterday at noon. Blah.

Dad was there, and wanted to know why, and what we could have done differently. I was actually really calm, and went through and tried to make as many lists of what had to be redone as I could think of. Yes, it’ll be a lot of work to get redone on monday, but I couldn’t stop it, and there wasn’t a good reason for it to happen.

I made it through that, and then had to wait for mom and dad to take me home on their way to Applebees. While we waited for dad, mom confided in me why Lisa was so late to get me yesterday. She stopped to see David on her way. No frickin' way. Yep, she did. I am pissed - when she actually had called to tell me when she was gonna get there and was 45 minutes after that? Maaaaaan. So that pissed me off.

By the time I got home, I definitely wasn’t feeling so hot. But E came home, and we laid on the bed and talked and cuddled, and that helped some. And then we went out to dinner at the Mexican restaurant down the street, and it was good, and we talked and it was really nice. He promised to help me destress all weekend, and so it definitely helped some.


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Do you think you could send E over to help me destress too? Because I really need some destressing after today. *giggle* Hope your weekend is wonderful and you get a chance to unwind!

I’m so glad E is so good to you, Kristine! smile

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