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Can’t people be original?

You’d think that if you were a member of a fairly small webring, you wouldn’t name your photoblog the same as another member. Blah, I liked my name, I thought with the exclaimation mark, it would differentiate between any other sites. But no, just found one exactly the same.

Don’t mind me, I’m just a bit territorial with my stuff!!!

Edited to add.... Okay, damn it - there’s TWO other ones with the same name on the ring now.


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I saw a post at Kristine's a bit ago about how two different photolog's had just taken her name "snap!". I commented that I would be crushed if someone took my "Shutterblog" name away from me. So I hopped on Google, and lo and behold, this Shutterblog ... [Read More]


Ah, that reminds me, I knew that my site’s name and yours being similar (CisSnaps and Snap!) was just another of our thinking the same way coincidences (I mean how many people call a photograph a snap anyway? We’re weird! Though I call mine snaps as short for snapshot and I think you mean the "I just snapped a picture" context) but I went back and looked in my archives and my first post was on the 29th of April and yours was on the 28th... eerie. We think more alike than I realized. smile

Which also reminds me, I need your help with a CSS layout problem on my photoblog archive pages. I will get Outlook reinstalled tomorrow and email you properly about it soon. Be on the lookout.

Awwww...man, that sucks! I know I’d be a bit miffed if I saw another Shutterblog around out there, too.

grrr. i’d be irritated if this happened to me too. which is why i do a search on google for the name i’m thinking about using... if it comes up, i don’t use it.

i really wanted the name shygirl.org instead of route15.org.... since shygirl.net was already registered to someone, i didn’t want to steal their identity... so route15.org.

or then again... maybe i’m just too nice. but i think that "identity theft" stinks.

Kristine, I’m trying to find your e-mail address but can’t. sad Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I did a PhotoShop grayscale/soft color photo for my husband to print out and frame to hang in his new office. I used your techniques that you described for your angel photo, and it turned out very well! Thanks again for all the help!

I’ve seen several Snap!s and a few shutterblogs too.. not to mention quite a few shutterbugs.

The problem is that snap, shutter, shutterbug, etc are all pretty common terms for photographers... and a lot of times, people name their stuff after common terms and get miffed when they find other people who name their stuff after common terms.

I don’t know why anyone would knowingly name their weblog after one they already knew existed, so perhaps these are just a case of a common name, not a blatent rip-off? If you think it’s a rip-off, I would try contacting the site owner.. if they didn’t intend to do it, at least they’ll now know someone else out there has the same name they do and might consider changing it.

Quite a few Shutterblogs? Please pass the links on. smile I’ve looked a lot and only have found the one...

There’s an entry in one of the other Snap!s that seems to think he was first, or something.

While I think it sucks that there are other blogs out there with the same name as yours, I have to agree with Lynda. It could be unintentional. I mean, there’s only so many terms you can use to mean photographs.

I know for me that there is at least one site, a photography gallery, named "Photography: Writing with Light". But I swear, I came up with the name on my own before I found that other one through Google. I decided to keep it for now as his isn’t a weblog but I have an idea for another name that I could possibly change it to in the future.

Here’s another shutterblog (scroll down a bit) That’s the only one I could find. I think I was just getting it confused with shutterbug. smile

I run a photoblog webring so I see a lot of submissions and names. The newest trend in naming photologs is "phlog" which I first heard coined by another weblogger, however I doubt most of these phlogs are using the term because of her.

Right now photologs are evolving and becoming popular. It’s silly to compare weblogs to such a thing, but throughout history, all across the globe as humanity reached a turning point, it seemed to turn TOGETHER, even if there were 1000 miles of separation and no collaboration. People just plain think alike.

meredith, I read the link you posted and I didn’t get the impression that the guy thought he came up with it first. Why try to make him out to be a bad guy?

robyn, just read your journal entry referencing it - you found the same one I did. hehe. smile

Wow, I didn’t expect my little rant before bed would get this many posts. First off, Cis, I never ever thought that about your blog - you have a beautiful original name in CisSnap! And I really didn’t realize that we started at the same time - I would have guessed you’d been doing this for years! (and email me, girl, I’d love to help!)

I know that I should have been a bit more original in my name, because it really is a common term. BUT, that being said, I still wish that people were a little more original to not do it EXACTLY the same. Snap! with an exclaimation point is a bit original - Snapshots and Snap and other variations don’t bug me. But to see two Snap!s last night kinda urked me. It looks like both of these started this month, and like Cis said, I started in April. But ya know what really bugs me? They are both in the 1000 words ring and you’d think they would have seen the list of members and known that the name was already somebody elses.

I’m not gonna do anything about it. It was just a little rant, and I’m done. smile If another 10 Snap!s wanna join the 1000words ring, hey, go for it dudes. ;) I know that when I search for Snap! photoblog, I’m the top of the search. So that makes me smile. LOL!! laughing

I wanted to name my photolog something "photographic" so I went through a book I had and settled on "depth of field." Well, lo and behold, Noah Grey had beaten me to it. Instead of using it, I went with my second choice: F*Stop. And now I see some stock photo guy has a business with the name F Stop and the paranoid me thinks he may come after me... *sigh* so many people so few ideas...We really are all plagerists.

I totally understand that territoriality part. I get pretty upset when I see that someone is using my stuff in any way... Graphics, texts, names, you name it. Copycats are the worse. Now, sometimes people name their stuff without actually knowing there’s another one out there. The web world is so big and complicated wink

I understand it Kristine - the very same thing happened to me with the first name of my weblog. I thought I had picked a name just for me, and lo and behold someone else decided to name their blog by the same name!

If you get frustrated about it remember your photos are unique and beautiful because you took them and that is the main thing smile

I’ve had a lot of people write me about the other "blahblahblog" sites out there - but now I took the blah out of the blog, so the joke’s on them! ;) I understand how you feel.

I understand how Kristine feels as well, but y'all are assuming that these people ripped off the name of her photolog to try and "capatalize" on her popularity.

That *may* be the case, but I don’t think it’s fair at all to assume such a thing and can only serve to cast other people who are using the name in a bad light. They may have come up with it on their own, just as Kristine did. How does that make Kristine the victor, even if she had the first photolog with such a name?

Granted, a quick search of google might be a good idea before naming something (which I did with my journal and blog, but not with my photolog because I just don’t care) it isn’t a requirement of starting a weblog.

Unfortunately, you can’t cram much originality in a title, therefore it is just inevitable that people are going to use the same names.

Aside from the name, I haven’t seen anything at any other Snap sites that appear to be copying Kristine.. In fact, the one specifically titled Snap! seems to be sort of disconnected with this general circle of weblogs (I’m not even sure how they found 1000 words) Again, to assume that they are stealing is just plain unfair to them.

And to ask why they can’t be original just because they randomly thought up the name a few months after you randomly thought up the name is also unfair. Most people (unfortunately?) don’t surf around the webrings they’re about to join to check and see if their name is the same.

Of course, if they did intentially rip off the name, shame shame shame on them.

Oh man, Lynda, I didn’t think that these people are trying to capatilize on my popularity. Because for one thing, I don’t think my photoblog is that popular. Sure, I’ve given the layout for free usage on the MT boards, but I don’t think of my photoblog as anything special - if you want to see a popular photoblog, check out Dawn and Christine’s! and yours! I’m a relative newbie in the photography world; and like I said, I’m only really known because MT people have seen my templates on the boards.

I have no proof that any of these sites really did see my site first. I would guess that they saw it when they signed up for the 1000 words ring. If they did first look at the 1000 words ring for name ideas, that’s shitty, but I don’t know that that’s the case. I was just ranting!!! smile

It’s your blog, kristine, rant all you want to! smile I was responding more to the other comments than to your rant, anyway.

Pah, I definitely didn’t worry you were ranting covertly about me! Though the two other Snap! sters didn’t stick out so obviously form the list until I was surfing through the webring and then the exclamation point was a really noticeable similarity and one person created theirs because of yours (Didn’t know you went by Krissy?) so I bet they just thought Snap was the photoblog equivalent of Blog because I don’t think snap is as common as the other terms people mentioned.

I have gotten countless weird looks from friends over the years for calling photographs snaps, so after I made my photoblog (which was really just a way to import photos into my main blog) and I joined the photoblogs webring and found yours with that name and all the self portraits, it was one of those good, "I’m not alone in my strange world" moments. I bookmarked you immediately of course. Heh.

Ah, I didn’t hover over the link, it was another movableType goddess named Krissy. Yes, it is now obvious that whenever anyone says MovableType and or goddess I immediately think Kristine. I’ve been outed. ;)

Thanks Lynda! That’s the one I blogged about today, actually.

i know what you mean.. i had a little rant about something similar in my blog a few weeks back. with common words and/or phrases, i can understand how people might randomly end up with the same name, even if it’s not nice. blatant rip offs of something unique, though, are not.good.

i hope your rant made you feel a bit better smile

I just changed my silly new photoblog’s name to something I know no one else has, so as to avoid any conflicts. Thank god I came across your post, or it wouldn’t have occured to me!

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