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blogrolling contrib

I’d been meaning to do this for a while - I finally got a chance to donate to Blogrolling for the great link management service they provide. smile I figure that I’ve already gotten so much enjoyment out of the lists (I *love* seeing who updated in the last hours when I load up my page), that, I want to donate so that Jason keeps being inspired to add new features smile So check them out. It really is tremendously cool, and with the bookmarklet to add links on both computers, I can so easily add people!!

Wanna test it out? Blogroll Me! smile


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I checked out Blogrolling, but it seems like I can’t make my list go in three columns the way I have it on my link list page... and that turned me off.

hey the blogroll me linked worked. now you are digitally connected to me.

What a coincedence! I also donated today to Blogrolling smile

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