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out and about

Yep, we did leave the house yesterday.

Made it out to Chinese Garden (and even took some pictures there!) and had their buffet - all you can eat spring rolls might not be SO healthy for you, but sure yummy! And meatless Egg Foo Young and Chicken Fried Rice. Yummy.

E and I talked about work while we were there, because my mind had been preoccupied on the subject. I’m gonna make this my last week on 4 days, and bump down to 3 days next week. And maybe 2 days the weeks after. I might need to work through the first week of September, depending on when Annette’s kids go back to school, but I won’t be working more hours just so Lisa can sit at home and hang out for her last week of the summer.

Then we went to work and installed PCAnywhere. I got a few things done while I was there - namely cleaning up my desk and leaving Annette more notes. LOL, she’s got so many post-its on her desk that she just might kill me when I get in this afternoon! Anyhow, PCAnywhere will hopefully allow me to access the work computers from here, but I still need to test it out. I’m not sure how fast it will be. Over the modem? Hmmm. We’ll see how doable it is to actually access the data.

And then we stopped at mom’s house to trade cars - E’s gonna drive mine for a few weeks because his is making funny noises. We knew that the brakes/axil were going, but 6 months ago, they said they still had a bit of life yet. So E’s hoping to have dad take it for a service checkup to Longview (Honda place that dad trusts much more than the local ones) next time he goes. 'Till then, he’ll drive my car, which was just sitting anyhow smile

After that, we really needed some groceries, so we headed to Safeway. They TOTALLY rearranged the store, and I’m SURE I forgot things because of that. I felt so backwards the whole time! We really needed groceries, though, so we went up and down every aisle. I was limping and hobbling pretty bad by the end of the time. The drive home, it was hard to keep my head from slumping back against the seat. So I went straight upstairs and had E take care of the groceries... and I took a 2 hour nap. I was still sore when I woke up, but at least I wasn’t so dead.

So that was my yesterday - I was laying in bed thinking of all the things that needed to be done today, and somehow, I wanted to write about yesterday before starting on them!

  • Write/call dr. office about zoloft prescription
  • PY template - cut up and send; test on other email
  • Ch ping question
  • Type up customer questions for Rina
  • Answer Laurie’s questions
  • nap
  • write back customer


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It’s nice you had such a productive and plan-making day. I’m sure you will begin to feel better when you have some of the work stress alleviated. Have a great day!

I use pcAnywhere for work and it’s not TOO bad... There is another thing you could use if your work has a Win2K server - Terminal Services. Supposed to be much faster than pcAnywhere, but I haven’t used it yet.

And now for some unsolicited advice - have you thought about changing your diet for health reasons? I don’t want to come across preachy or anything, but I recently eliminated flour, sugar, caffiene and wheat from my diet and I can NOT believe the difference it has made in my body. Just a thought... tell me to butt my nose back out any time now. smile

Wow—you did a lot! Hope you’re not paying for it too badly today...glad you got the time out together! smile

You rock! Thank you for your help... I truly, truly appreciate it.

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