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nap for me

Unlike some people, I took a nap this afternoon. We watched Stargate and Farscape and I barely kept my eyes open during that, so I crawled into bed afterwards. I didn’t wake up till E came in and was cuddling - at least 2 1/2 hours later. Who knows how long I coulda slept otherwise. But blah, I woke up with a headache and a tummyache, as happens frequently. I feel like such an oger because E kinda wanted to leave the house, and I’m not walking very well. sad We can do the stuff tomorrow, but I still feel kinda bad that I didn’t plan better.

Luckily, being my computer doesn’t require standing up ;) I dreamt about a design for Christine and I’m working on writing up a tutorial for Lynda to put at The Photo Shop. If I sit here long enough, I might even add a tutorial to scriptygoddess smile So yeah, that’s the plan, man....


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Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well—it’s been a tummy day for me, too. Hope your Sunday makes up for your Saturday! {{{ hugs }}}

Oooooh... a design for me? *grin* Is there pink involved? Hope your day is better today!

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