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How weird is this?
'Sabrina' Makes Big Changes for New Season

Additionally, Sabrina’s aunts, played by Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick, will no longer be part of the show. She will now share her home with friends Morgan (Elisa Donovan) and Roxie (Soleil Moon Frye).
I can’t imagine Sabrina w/o her Aunts around - does that mean it’ll focus less on her witchyness now? Hmmm... (yes, I’ve been watching this show off and on since it started smile )


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Whoa—Clarissa with Punky? smile

Oh yep! Punky was on all last year, actually!! smile
And LOL, I keep flipping between channels and seeing old reruns of Clarissa on some weird Nickolodian channels we have now - its so funny! smile

I can’t help it... Sabrina has been one of my "I don’t admit that I watch it shows" off and on for years. Still, when there is nothing on, I tune in. She had me at Clarissa... ;-p

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