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happy thoughts

Okay, this is like the participation positive, but its not monday, so its just some happy thoughts for the afternoon to try and cheer myself up. Its been a horrendous afternoon, after a sick-feeling entire day. So I need some happy thoughts.

  • Megan called me back and made me smile by telling me she could smell the cotton candy at Target. And she said she’d get Lisa’s present for me so I didn’t have to find a way to get it myself.
  • Christine left me happy little comments on my page this afternoon, as did Dara and Kymberlie. That’s happy smile
  • I answered a lot of questions on the MT forums in only the categories I wanted to help with. Templates and Tips and Tricks are definitely the funnest ones to help with because I know the answers the best smile
  • Cherry Coke makes me smile.
  • I thought about the jewelry I want to take pictures of when I get home.
  • I got mail from Megan (indirectly) from my alma mater and it made me giggle that they would ask me specifically to give money to help pave the girls parking lot when I never had a car there. LOL!
  • Happy for my soul music.
  • Tomorrow, I get to go to Red Robin for dinner with my family, and I’m excited about that. (Even if Lisa isn’t. Duh, its fun, just smile!)
  • I got all the corrections done, even though i was doing them for Lisa who didn’t come in AND I did them instead of my work. But they got done.
  • Its Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday.
  • I got to watch Seventh Heaven this morning again, and I really like that show. I had a dream about it the other night, actually. Its really good. And apparently on every morning - whee!
  • Its only 12 more days until my 2nd anniversary. Wow, I better start figuring out my present idea smile
See, that’s better. Look at all that happiness smile


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Very happy thoughts indeed! Happy anniversary early, btw. smile We bought a twelve pack of Cherry Cokes this week and every time I have one, I think of you. I love the new cans they have, even if Steven almost opens them thinking they’re regular Coke.

Hope you’re feeling better, Kristine!

Your anniversary is 1 day before my Connor’s birthday! smile

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