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work thoughts

work thoughts... I’m still not feeling well at all.

False sense of importance?
Is that what makes me go to work when I continuously feel like shit?
I know that Lisa might not come to work today, and I worry what will happen if no one is in the office for the afternoon. That’s where the false sense of importance thought came from.

But there’s always SOMETHING. Tuesday, it was payroll taxes. Tomorrow it will be that I want to be there for Lisa’s birthday. I need to start making the decision to say NO. Think of myself as more important, no matter how selfish I feel.

Once I’ve changed my schedule officially, I can’t feel guilty. I just haven’t done that yet because I can barely make small decisions, more less complex changes that are required for me to shift my schedule.


Don’t mind me, I’ll feel happier someday soon. I’m sure of it.


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You made ME feel happier today, if that’s any help. smile Oh! And Tuesday night -that was a BLAST! We must do that more often. Sending you lots of love!

Maybe Eric could write up your schedule, and you could simply "approve" it?

I’m sure he’d be willing to do that for you, he certainly knows the situation as well as anyone, and that would take some of the burden off of figuring out what to do.

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