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quiet today

I’ve been pretty darn quiet today. Its been a busy day, and my brain has been tired. But tomorrow is my day off, and it makes me so happy to think about that. I have two projects on my desktop that I want to work on, and that’s happy too. And maybe, I’ll just watch TechTV for a while tomorrow, since I can now smile

I’ve been lucky enough to get to chat and watch some happy tv shows and play in photoshop this evening. AND I cooked lasagna for E and it turned out SO good. Yum. Tip - lasagna for 2 - you can cut the noodles in half - make 6 noodles and it’ll mostly fill a square pan. smile

E’s playing with a emulator review site and just laughin up a storm over there. I saw it on TechTV today smile

So its almost bedtime, but I wanted to post a little something here first. I miss writing when I don’t do it!


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Just wanted to pop in and say thanks again for all of your help today! Hope you get a great, relaxing day off tomorrow!

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