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blah to work

I almost didn’t come to work today...

I did a project this morning, and then E came home for lunch, and when I got up, I was way lightheaded and felt awful weak. So I ate some cereal, but still felt gross. I laid down for 15 minutes, and STILL felt gross, but I knew that it was too late by that time to call in sick.

Well, fricking A... Lisa decided to get her stereo put in during this afternoon instead of work. So I’m here all alone, feeling like crap, and having to do her work. Blecho.

But I talked to Annette about leaving - she wasn’t surprised, and she’s definitely not happy here either. So she’s not sure what she’s doing.

So I’m trying to hang in here by listening to my soul mix while doing these invoices instead of my work. Maybe blogging will be my sanity while I wait for things to post. Maybe I’ll find a bunch of great links to share smile


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Poor sweetie! I hope you feel better!

I hope you start feeling better....at least the weekend is here and you can rest then.

Lightheadedness must be going around. I was like that too yesterday.

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