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trackback at MeFi

What a neato thing! MetaFilter | TrackBack. MetaFilter has trackback enabled so that if you are a poster or reader, you can continue the conversation in your trackback enabled blog. Very cool - one more way that MT rocks - they started a neato trend that other sites are able to pick up!

Thanks to Brenna for the link on the MT boards. She has a beautiful photoblog that you should check out!


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Thanks kdlb! You’re so sweet.

You know what? I’m here 2 seconds after you posted because I just got my first BlogToaster!!! I’ve had this thing going for weeks and weeks now (I first read about it here!) and I never *ever* got a notice about anyone updating. I even had them in different ways, like with the www’s and without.

Well.... turns out my problem was that I didn’t have the trailing slash on the url!!! I typed in "find kadyellebee" (which that feature wasn’t there before, was it?) and it returned your addy, so I changed it to match that, with the trailing slash.


WOW! TWO cool things in one post! (Well, one in the comments, one in the post ... but still!) A MeFi Trackback ROCKS since I can’t post there! (I forgot my password, and have had no luck finding out what it was.) Then Brenna’s tip - maybe that’s why my toaster never pops! LOL! I’m off to try it right now!

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