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Ya know what bugs me? The AOL commercials featuring WebMD. They make it sound like only AOL members can have access to the wealth of a resource in WebMD. But truely, the web version is available for everyone! So how come AOL can try to sell their product by tricking people? Dorks.
yes, I know, I have used AOL for years and years and continue to use it to connect to the internet at work... but that doesn’t stop it from bugging me!


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I always yell at the commercials when they make it sound like only AOL members can use AIM. Anyone can download it! God, I hate AOL.

One word, Kristine: Money tongue out

My family has been an AOL member for 10 years. We got it right when it came out and because my family is like computer illiterate, we still have it. I hate it, but they pay, so I guess I can bare with the horrible connection.

Is learning php worth it? I’m redoing my whole site with shtml... will I be sorry that I didn’t learn php first?

I live in Alaska... Fairbanks, and it’s hot here ... for Alaska... plus 80 degrees F. I love to blog. I tried Greymatter, but never did figure it out, so I’m using Blogger Pro now. I’d love to know what you know.

I love your CSS... and I’m a hopeless romantic, too.


p.s. the contact form on the about page was 404 as well as the contact.php page... http://kadyellebee.com/cgi-bin/Contact.pl

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