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news this morning

Entertainment news for this morning.....
Emmy Nominations - Buffy shut out again... (and then I read another site that said they got 4 small noms; they aren’t on that zap2it list though!)
4th season Angel news - Alexis Denisof hints at some things for the season premeire.
Vanessa Marcil returns to GH - wow, that’s big news! I bet the Ingo forums are excited (I used to hang out there a lot ;) )
Everybody else is talking about Angelina and Billy Bob this morning, and I bet Rina already knows about Lance Bass getting cleared to go on his space trip. Oh, and we only have to wait until Nov 1 to get the DVD/Video of Spiderman!


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Yeah, Buffy got some musical nods, for Hell’s Bells and Once More With Feeling, at least. And OOOPS! I can’t believe I didn’t tel you about vanessa coming back! Should be interesting. I’ll definitely be checking out the Angel stuff this evening, and yup, knew about my Lancie. Poor baby, being dropped into the Black Sea, and having to fend for himself in the forest. You KNOW this is the end of NSYNC. LOL Lance’ll be lost, Joey wil stay on Broadway, Justin has his solo album. Maybe Chris and JC will stay on with SC (CS?) without them. *giggle*

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