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I really don’t appreciate troll-ish comments on my photoblog (don’t worry, I deleted them and banned the ip address already). It really makes me feel bad. Calling me nasty and fat is NOT the way to make me happy, though, ever. It made me want to take down all the pictures I’ve taken of myself.

And why? What does anyone gain by being mean? I’m a nice person, I leave random nice notes on blogs I happen upon, I help anybody out who emails me nicely, I don’t take people’s layouts... so what’s the deal? And it pisses me off even more knowing from the comment that they had been over here too.

:sigh: I know, I have a webpage and need to just deal with it. Doesn’t make it any less obnoxious.


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Yea I agree...its the downnside to blogging i supose...a blog is personal stuff in a public space...so we are vunerable when our blog flys into the world.I suppose its like a "minor burglery"...people breaking our unspoken trust.still ,THE BLOG IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD!!!!
Best Wishes Kristine,I like your blog


grr! that makes me so mad. i wish they would all go away and leave you alone. you are so so beautiful and cute and talented and kind, and don’t ever listen to anyone who tells you otherwise - especially some dumbass troll without the guts to face you with their real identity!

I agree with zalary, ignore these putz’s ... wasting valuable time on them isn’t worth it.

Just preten it didn’t happen chickie. There are meanies out there and obviously here that try to bring others down because they don’t like themselves.

Keep on posting those pics, I think you are a cutie, in a non-sexual way of course smile

((HUGS)) chickie!

Kristine, your a gorgeous young woman. And never think otherwise. Don’t let someones ignorance make you take your pictures down.

All of the above comments are so right. You are beautiful...inside and out!

i love popping over to your photoblog and seeing your lovely smiling face pop up first thing. when i see you smile, it always makes me smile... even if i’m having a rotten day.

don’t let one moron troll stop you from putting up your pictures. they’re obviously not a friend, so their opinons count for nil, right? (especially when they’re unsolicited.) heh.

love you!

some people are just mean and rude. keep posting your photos. and thanks again for the email help. you are an incredibly nice person and your smile is infectious =) have a great day!

Pah. Trolls are such sad, insecure little people. Send them my way, I’m really good at pointing and giggling, they hate that.

You are a doll with gorgeous hair and an infectious smile, btw. Thought I’d let you know.

It’s not you...it’s the person who left the comment who has a problem.

Sweetie, people like that have miserable lives and the only thing that can make them happy is to take that misery out on others. I know it’s hard, but ignore them. You are so sweet, smart, cute, and kind; that’s the important thing.

I want to echo what others have said. You are such a beautiful person on the INSIDE as well—that it just makes you even MORE beautiful on the outside. You are a living doll—and anyone that says otherwise obviously has more issues than a blog comment can fix. Keep on being you—that’s what the ones who count love you for. wink (Hoping "I count"... *g*)

You have a wonderful spirit Kristine, full of light and life. A young woman that often endures so much, yet never stops smiling or being there for the people she loves. You’re beautiful both inside and out girl. Unfortunately, there are people in this world tjat are threatened by that. So they take their own insecurities and inadequacies out on other people. Particularly people like you, who are so sweet and kind and gentle. Don’t let them break you girl. They’re not worth it. And they know that.

That sucks. Want me to go hunt them down and kick their butt for you? I’d do it you know. I would. For you, I’d do almost anything.

I’m sorry that some people have to be such morons. The truth is that you are a beautiful, kind, loving woman, and you should never believe anything else!

Please don’t take down your pics...that way, THE TROLL wins. I think you look very pretty. And you have a wonderful husband and many friends who think so, too. I may not have ever met you in person, but I consider you to be a friend, and it hurts me when people do things to try to hurt you.

As pretty much everyone else said...this is the troll’s problem, not yours. Keep blogging, girl...we all love you! smile

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