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lotsa sleep

I guess I was really tired! I went to bed around 9, and didn’t wake up until 5ish and went back to bed at 6:30. I didn’t even wake up while E was getting ready, and he came to kiss me goodbye at 8, and I promptly went back to sleep until after 9:30!! So my head feels a bit fuzzy. I’m still trying to wake up after sitting here for an hour surfing and stuff!

My desire for going to work is way down there today - definitely not something I am getting excited about. I need to put together some hardware orders, and that’s a lot of work. I don’t think my brain is up for it. And I’ll hopefully see my dad again, but then he’s gone for another week, so I have to wait until after that to talk to him about stuff.

But, its Friday. And the weekend will be good. Not that I have plans, just that it’ll be days to rest. And that’s much needed by now smile So a big woo-hoo for fridays!!!


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