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still hot

Its still hot here, but not as bad as yesterday.

I got to see all of my family today - mom took me out to lunch so we could chat about their trip, dad stayed at work until I got there so he could give me a hug, Lisa worked, Matthew worked, Leonard worked... and Megan and Jack (the dog) came to visit for a while. I learned some not so good news about Lisa, but some potentially happy news about Leonard.

I had a pretty fun heat-headache by the time I left work, but its not as bad now.

I got to watch X-Files and Buffy.
And while I did that, I played Spider solitaire with two suites until I won!

I surfed the 1000 words ring, although I didn’t put my pictures up from the day - it’ll wait until the morning because its too hot to walk downstairs and get my camera!

And I visited all my favorite people. I have a few emails to write, but they’ll wait till tomorrow when its cooler.

I’m feeling a touch better than this morning. That’s a good thing!


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