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I feel really quiet. I skim through sites and can’t find things I absolutely want to post about. Maybe the heat is frying my brain. I have some things that are needing to be done, but I keep pushing them off. One is calling doctors office. Another is writing another quote that I don’t know where to start with. And I sit in front of my computer and my head pounds so I go and lay in bed and think about it s'more and realize I’m not falling asleep or accomplishing anything. So I go over to the MT forums and throw myself into answering easy questions, so that something can feel solved in my brain. I turn on my music loud to drownd out the thoughts about my siblings that are worrying me. I think about cooking but then my tummy spins again and my head starts pounding.

Some of the problems are the physical ones that I’m dealing with, the possible CFS or whatever it is. And then other parts of the problem is my motivation level is down due to whatever else (heat or just in general).

So if I am more quiet than usual, you know why.


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I’m sorry you are feeling so conflicted. From reading your journal you come across as multi-talented and I’m sure whatever you do will be a wonderful success!

You ARE so multi-talented and smart, Kristine. smile I’m sorry you’re feeling down lately in more ways than one and can only hope you feel better soon.. sad

Hey, Kristine... I found your response to the thread on a portal page and I tried it out—just one blog thus far, but I’m ready to add a second one to see how that looks, too. It worked, it worked, it worked! Thanks so much for sharing that little bit of code. smile

Kristine, I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

Let’s all move together to a place with perfect weather, ok? And we’ll get Ciscley to join us, so we can have perfect photography conditions all the time, and subjects for our photos too!

I’m sorry sweetie! The heat has been getting to me, too. My brain just would NOT work yesterday and today. I hope you’re feeling some better at night now that it’s cooled down. {{{{ hugs }}}}

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