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self portraits

Ciscley mentioned this:

It’s not that I just really like taking pictures of myself, but that I really like pictures of people, faces. And I’m pretty much the only willing face in the house. So here’s yet another pencam photo of me. I wish more bloggers would put face pictures up. Kristine is the only person I know who does it regularly.

I haven’t decided yet if its that I’m fixated with my image :LOL: or if I just have always wanted a webcam so my friends could see me and this is my alternative now.

I really don’t mind taking pictures of myself. Its a fun way to capture the way I feel, and I’m actually not as self-concious as I used to be. And plus, I can concentrate and take my time with the shots instead of having to rush with other people. Its giving me good training for capturing the right light, the angles, etc. Not that I’m ever gonna be a master photographer or anything, but its fun to have pictures.


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kristine - i’m right there with you. lately, i’ve been taking a lot more pictures of myself and in this funk that i’ve been in, it’s one of the only things that has made me feel a little better. because, just like you said, i’m not as self-conscious anymore so when i look at the pictures, i’m actually able to find some beauty in them.

i love you girl. just wanted to back you up (heh) and let you know i still read. always.

Exactly! I have a lot of people who wonder why I’m putting up another photo of myself, especially if it’s not a particularly flattering one, and it’s really just because that’s what my blog is about, sharing the real me with my friends. And so in twenty years I can look back and remember myself more clearly because I not only have the words but the photos documenting who I was and how I felt about myself.

I really love this new layout because it highlights your headshot photos so well. The blogs I read the most are the ones that I have a face I can attach to the words.

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